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Special support service for blind and visually impaired people (SASAMa)

The SASAMa is a non-profit organisation. It was founded in 2004, in association with two other French-speaking organisations serving the blind and visually impaired community. Each organisation retains its own way of working and areas of expertise.

The service’s multidisciplinary team comprises two social workers, two psychologists, two occupational therapists and one manager.

The service is open to people aged 18 years or over with a visual impairment who live in the Walloon region.

They can present with associated problems. Almost 100 people are permanently enrolled in the service.


The service helps visually impaired people to explore their potential and cope with the limits imposed by the disability.

After the request has been assessed and the AWIPH has agreed, applicants sign a renewable five-year contract, which sets the goals of their individual project.

Together with its work oriented to applicants, the service also works to raise awareness among the general public and professionals.

In practice...

Individual support is based on social, therapeutic or psychological guidance, together with a community-based approach that includes group meetings, sociocultural activities and the ‘cooking’ group. These activities provide a platform for meeting and sharing experiences with other visually impaired people. The use of compensatory senses and acquired techniques are favoured.

Societal support is focused on raising awareness among professionals through the organisation of conferences, participation in accessibility and adaptation projects, training and information provision.

One shining example of this is the 2004 agreement with the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MAC’s), aimed at opening up the world of the arts to visually impaired people.


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