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Social services

Social services covers the three regions of the country. While the success of the Friends of the Blind is primarily measured in the results and achievements of the other services, social services has a fundamental role: it is proud of its status as the ‘front door’, the ‘hub’ of the organisation.

Whatever the request, the social worker is the first to meet the visually impaired person, their family or legal representative. The social worker provides guidance on the various services, depending on need.
The daily efforts of the team and the quality and personal relationships are what drives people to trust the Friends of the Blind.

The team of 10 social workers takes care of all requests, regardless of age, from blind or partially sighted people with associated disabilities who live in Belgium.


The main goals of the service include increasing the independence and the sense of well-being of blind and visually impaired people as well as supporting the search for ways for them to cope with their disability.
To achieve these goals, social workers work with internal and external services, as well as giving responsibility to the people directly involved.
To respond to the diverse situations encountered, the service has to regularly adapt and develop in all areas.

In practice...

After the initial getting-to-know-you meetings, the relevant services are provided with a report and a social history. The social worker proposes various responses, commits to support and encouragement and provides administrative and legal information. The social worker may also take direct action. The most common forms of direct action are:
  • Help, especially managing finances in the event of financial problems.
  • Referrals to internal and external services and, where necessary, accompanying the persons in their contacts with these services.
  • Regular monitoring of the situation.
  • Promoting contacts with various bodies and services.     
Social services canvasses first-line services and raises awareness within these services. It represents the Friends of the Blind in meetings and conferences, to gather information from various services provided for blind and visually impaired people.


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