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Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data and cookie management policy

In the interests of protecting your privacy, we place a great deal of importance on the confidentiality of any personal data that you share with us.

Our purpose here is to outline the present policy on the protection of your personal data, our reasons for collecting your personal data, how we handle it, the measures we adopt to ensure that it remains secure and what kind of rights you have.  
Our Policy may be updated at any time. Such modifications will take effect immediately. We therefore recommend that you consult it regularly in order to find out more about the latest version available.

1.    Who collects and processes your personal data?

Your personal data is collected as part of our work and is largely processed by the federal non-profit association (ASBL) “Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants” (Friends of the Blind and Visually-Impaired) (hereinafter “Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants asbl”), located at Rue de la barrière 37, 7011 Ghlin, Belgium.

Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants asbl is responsible for your data.

The Data Protection Officer appointed by Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants asbl is Mr Gilles-Olivier Tabart. The officer may be contacted:

  • by email at the following address:;
  • by phone on the following number: +32 (0)65 40 31 21.

2.    Why are we collecting your data?

Any processing of personal data implemented by us has an explicit, legitimate and established end purpose.
Any processing of your personal data for a purpose other than those outlined in the document herein will require your consent, where it is not supported by a legitimate interest.

However, it is important to underline that in order to complete its statutory mission, which is essential for offering support to visually-impaired persons, Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants asbl bases its actions on its legitimate interest.

This consists of contributing to the welfare of disabled persons, particularly blind and visually-impaired persons, in line with its broadest interpretation; to promote awareness among the Belgian public and to ask it to offer its much-needed financial support in fulfilling its mission.

To ensure a quality relationship between the association and the public, whether this relationship is direct or developed through this website, the asbl systematically offers the public the option of stopping any communications sent from the asbl and the option of exercising their data protection rights, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018.

In the context of this website, all collected data is gathered either from cookies or via website forms.

This user information is stored on an asbl server. Such data is only stored once the user has validly consented to this processing. Such information is not used in any case for purposes other than those accepted by the user.

Your data may be used for the following purposes:

  • For providing you with our services. In the case where you have created a user account on our website, we may, for example, use your account-related data to keep you informed about any changes in our services;
  • For improving your user experience;
  • For improving the interaction that you have as a user with the asbl;
  • For analysing website data to improve how the website functions;
  • For other purposes for which we have systematically asked your prior consent.

We make every effort to minimise the data collected and to keep accurate and up-to-date information.

3.    Who receives your data?

We are the sole recipients of your personal data and do not market such data.
That said, insofar as it proves necessary, we may communicate your personal data to authorised and identified recipients, namely:

  • All asbl employees;
  • Our advertising, marketing and promotion agencies helping us to deliver and analyse the effectiveness of our advertising and promotional campaigns;
  • Our service providers and/or economic partners where such data sharing is required for the purposes indicated above;
  • Third-party service providers, such as site storage service providers;
  • Government and legal authorities where we are required to disclose your information to them.
  • We require such recipients to implement all appropriate and necessary technical and organisational measures for safeguarding the utmost security and privacy of your data against unauthorised use and to ensure that they only use such data in accordance with your instructions and current legislation and regulations, particularly as a signatory of a personal data protection agreement.

4.    What is our policy on the transfer of data outside the EU?

We do not transfer your personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

5.    How long do we store your data?

In line with current legislation and regulations, we do not store your data beyond the period strictly necessary for the intended purposes above.


Personal information that you have entered/stated on your profile.

Data about your browsing and use of the Website. 

Period of three (3) years from your most recent activity on the Website.
Statistics on audience tracking and your data concerning overall visits to our Website. Period of thirteen (13) months.
Prospect data. Period of three (3) years from collection of most recent contact.
Bank account details or those relating to donations, bequests etc. Period of seven (7) years from 1st January of the year following the taxable period, in compliance with the fiscal and accounting obligations of the association. However, data may be stored beyond such time in the case of a donation or a bequest, solely for the purposes of proof.
Data that potentially provides evidence of a right or a contract, or which is stored under some legal obligation. Data storage subject to current legislation.
Information about listening to and recording conversations in order to improve our services.  The period of the request and for a maximum of six months.

However, in order to meet our administrative, legal, accounting and fiscal obligations, your data may be subject to archiving and storage beyond the periods indicated above, in line with current legislation.


6.    How do we protect your data?


Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants asbl is fully aware of any potential loss of control over your personal data. It therefore makes every necessary effort to ensure the maximum protection and confidentiality of the data.

Specifically, our staff and our volunteers are committed to:

  • Informing the persons concerned of the end purpose(s) for which their personal data is collected and processed;
  • Using the data of our beneficiaries, donors, partners, employees, etc. solely for the intended purposes;
  • Respecting with kindness and discretion the sometimes-sensitive nature of certain information;
  • Protecting such information;
  • Respecting the rights of the persons concerned;
  • Not transmitting personal data to partner associations, except when strictly necessary in fulfilling one of the purposes above or where you specifically request it.

Access to your personal data is restricted so as to prevent any unauthorised access, modification, interference, loss and/or misuse. We use a number of secure protocols to protect the data collected through the Website. However, while we make our best efforts, in no way can we guarantee that this information is entirely secure. Therefore, we will advise the Data Protection Authority in the event of a security breach. You will also be informed should we identify such a breach. We will naturally do everything in our power to prevent such security breaches.

Please note: If you have created a user account on our Website, you must keep your username and password safe.

7.    What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

Each individual has the following rights in relation to their data:

  • Right to information: The person in question has the right to know which data is collected and used in relation to them;
  • Right to access: The person in question has the right to access the data collected on the Website and stored in relation to them;
  • Right to correction: The person in question has the right to request the correction of data collected on the Website and stored in relation to them.

You may exercise all three of the rights above at any time that you wish and without needing to provide a reason to the association. For this purpose, you can contact the person responsible for the processing of such data using the contact form. We will contact you in order to verify your identity and to ensure that your request is valid, subject to the data concerned. We will study your request with the greatest attention and will keep you informed about any follow-ups.

  • Right to be forgotten: The person in question has the right to request the deletion of part or all of the data stored in relation to them;
  • Right to limitation on the use of data: The person in question has the right to restrict the way in which the Website uses the data stored in relation to them;
  • Right to withdrawal: The person in question has the right to withdraw their consent to the use of their personal data given on our website;
  • Data portability: The person in question has the right to receive the personal data which they have provided to the data controller or to request that they be transmitted to another data controller.
  • Right to make a complaint: At any time, the person in question can make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority in Belgium if they are not satisfied with how their data has been used.
  • Email your requests to or call +33 (0)65 40 31 21. The request will be processed within one (1) month of receipt. However, this period may be extended to two (2) months in the case of a complex request or of a huge influx of requests.

8.    Cookies

Our website uses cookies in order to improve functionality. Cookies consist of data stored on your device which allow the Website to store certain information relating to you for improved navigation.
We use various cookies for specific purposes:

  • Necessary cookies: they are used for enabling various features to be correctly used on the Website. Such cookies do not collect any personal data;
  • Functional cookies: they make it easier to use certain features of the Website. For example, they may record a Website user’s address for automatically filling in the “Address” field of a form without requiring them to fill this information in themselves.

Manage cookies from my browser

For specific information on how to configure cookies on the following browsers, click on the corresponding link below :

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Third party services

The site relies on certain services offered by third-party sites: :

During your first visit, a banner informs you of the presence of these services and invites you to indicate your choice. They are only loaded if you accept them. You can inform yourself at any time and configure the services to accept or refuse them by going to the [Services management] page at the bottom of each page of the site. You can indicate your preference either globally for the site or service by service.

Contact form

By completing this form, you agree that the data collected using this form may be stored by Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants asbl for purely practical purposes (in the case where the asbl needs to contact you again). Such data will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose for which you completed the form. You can consult, modify or delete this data by sending an email to the following address:

Google Analytics

For purely statistical purposes, we use Google Analytics to measure daily website traffic. To do this, Google Analytics uses cookies which enable tracking of user activity on the website. Before the user agrees to the cookie policy, the IP address used by the latter is anonymous, which means that the last byte (IPv4) or the last 80 bits (IPv6) of the IP address is/are zeroed out to restrict the identification of the user’s geographical area using their IP address. Geolocation is also deactivated to prevent any possibility of identification by location. From such a time when the user agrees to the website cookie policy, the IP address is no longer anonymous and geolocation is activated. However, the data is solely for statistical purposes and no IP address will be related with a specific user, meaning that IP addresses will not be used to analyse any single user’s browsing habits but rather that of a group of individuals. This cookie will automatically expire one (1) month after acceptance of Google Analytics monitoring (you will then be sent a new confirmation request).


You agree that the asbl may collect and use the personal data, which you have stated in the newsletter registration form, for the purpose of sending you communications about our activities. In accordance with our privacy policy, you may cancel your registration at any time by using the link at the bottom of the emails received.

Financial donations

By making a donation, your personal data (identification and contact details) are stored on a secure database. The information is used exclusively for the purposes of communications and of information on the use of your donations.
Your data may also be used, where applicable, to send you a tax certificate (for annual financial support above €40).
Such communications are based on the legal basis of the contract evidenced by the online form or by the paper version which you have completed.

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